Atlanta operates with legacy zoning.

Help us develop version 2.0.

We’re embarking on a multi-year effort to align our growth and development regulations with the values we hold in common — like equity, inclusion, choice, opportunity, and resilience. And you’ll be involved every step of the way.

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Atlanta Planning: Tools for who we want to be.

We plan and re-evaluate constantly.

Planning is where it all starts—identifying shared goals, revealing conflicting ambitions, and setting parameters for growth and development. For example, one current initiative is updating our Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) with an eye towards achieving the beloved community. Its ambitions, and those of our other planning efforts, will ultimately be codified in the work of ATL Zoning 2.0.

We correct issues as they arise.

Sometimes plans fall short. Atlantans, for example, are clear in their concerns about housing affordability and in their love of our city in the trees, but progress on those fronts has been slow, requiring more immediate action. In response, we’ve launched our current City Design: Housing initiative and are pursuing a more nuanced update to the present tree ordinance. These efforts will also inform the work of ATL Zoning 2.0.